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During my time at Life Fitness, I've developed strength, technology and consumer product categories. Now I focus on our premium cardio products, which is pretty exciting stuff. Although nothing keeps me on my toes like my two daughters and son, in my free time I enjoy golf and the occasional Blackhawks game. 

Favorite Workout: Burpees


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You may have noticed that the display console of your favorite exercise machine has some curious cords or ports that you have no idea what to do with – until now.

Many machines offer options for you to sync your mobile device with the machine while you’re exercising, which can take your phone beyond its typical duties of simply playing music. 

So here are some amazing ways you can connect your phone whether at home with the new Platinum Club Series, a treadmill with a touch screen TV console, or at your favorite facility with the Elevation Series with Discover Tablet Consoles.

Platinum Club Series
Elevation Series
Mobile Device

Another Life Fitness LFopen compatible app became available today for iOS.  Prior to this latest release, Life Fitness products were compatible with Lose It! (nutrition focused app), Runtastic (tracking app) and LFconnect (tracking app). 

SoFit, which is a rewards-based app, motivates you to keep physically active and have fun while doing it.  


If you attended today’s webinarwith Life Fitness President Chris Clawson, you’re in the know about open API’s, open platform products and why it’s important for our industry. For those unable to attend, not to worry, you can still view the webinar on-demand.

Open platform products are all about making the gym more mobile friendly. But what does a mobile friendly gym really look like? And why is it important for your business? Check out our newest infographic to find out: 

Chris Clawson
fitness apps
Open Platform Fitness

The newest technology trend in the fitness industry is all about what you wear. The most advanced technologies aren’t necessarily tied to your smartphone. Now, a watch, bracelet or pair of glasses can be the smartest device you own. Wearable technology is quickly emerging, especially in the fitness industry.

Major corporations, including Apple, Nike, Google, Microsoft, Acer and Samsung, as well as start ups and smaller manufacturers, are all in on developing technology you can wear to better track your regular workouts and activity levels. Google Glass and Apple’s iWatch have captured the world’s attention, and researchers estimate consumers will spend $1.5 billion in 2014 on wearable technology, cementing its place in the technology and fitness industries.

Wearable Tech
Fitness Technology

Today we are excited to announce the newest Life Fitness product: SYNRGY360

This unique fitness solution offers countless exercise options and can handle up to 16 exercisers at one time! Part of our Life Fitness Forward line of products, it’s made for the way people are exercising today.

SYNRGY360 combines several  popular and dynamic, total body  workouts into an all-in-one system with limitless possibilities for  exercise. It’s also the perfect solution  for small group personal training –  named one of the Top 20 Worldwide  Fitness Trends for 2012 by the American College of Sports Medicine.

athletic training
Small Group Training
functional training
Group Exercise
Fitness Forward

The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was a hot bed of tech geeks, reporters, app developers and some of the most innovative consumer electronics companies in the world. We saw everything from a helicopter you could control with your thoughts to a  fork that tells you when you’re eating too fast, and an ultra hi-def TV that blows current HD models out of the water. Inspiration at this year’s show was limitless.

There was also no shortage of fitness and health innovations. For hi tech fitness buffs, data is king, and being connected was the theme of this year’s show. Fitness brands showed off wireless data collection, sharing and tracking, then integrated the exercise information with the products we’re already using during our workouts, like smartphones.

fitness apps
CES. Runtastic

We’re excited to hear that one of the Life Fitness compatible apps, Runtastic, is rising rapidly in the fitness app world. The Austrian app developer reached 25 million total downloads this week, which surpassed popular fitness and running apps, including Nike+ and RunKeeper. The company announced it hit 10 million registered users for its website, too.

Along with the milestone, Runtastic also announced it will release its hardware in the U.S. for the first time. The developer will offer Bluetooth heart-rate monitor, sports arm bands and a cycling speed sensor on Amazon.

Discover Cardio

Life Fitness is officially open. We are proud to be the first major fitness equipment-maker to open its code, also known as API (Application Programming Interface). But what does that mean?

Think of this way:

If Apple® was a closed platform, they would have 14 apps right now, created by Apple. But because Apple has an open API, developers have created over 600,000 apps for customers to download. It gives users a choice in how they use Apple products. 


We recently announced the introduction of LFopen, Life Fitness’s open platform products, which connects the great minds of the tech world with our cutting-edge fitness equipment through an open API, or product technology code. But the news didn’t stop there: our new Discover tablet consoles will soon be arriving at fitness facilities everywhere to revolutionize the cardio experience.  

Lose It!, an app that connects users to the people, food information, and devices they need to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals, will be the first fitness app to take advantage of LFopen. The app will integrate with the Life Fitness Discover tablet consoles by automatically logging workout results in the personalized Lose It! exercise tracker.

The calorie counting app also lets users connect with friends for a community of support. That support really works. App users that leverage the friends tools are much more likely to meet their goals. 

Lose It
Workout Apps
Workout Tracking

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