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As a former life guard and swimming teacher, I've always had a passion for staying fit and healthy. After studying marketing at Sheffield Hallam University, I now find myself managing the digital marketing function for Life Fitness in the UK. I am obsessed with all things “fitness” and require a certain amount of controlled craziness to get me through the day. I’ll be bringing you all the exciting news and industry trends from across the pond. 

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Today, the treadmill is the most popular piece of fitness equipment, found in homes and health clubs around the world. But where did this great cardiovascular machine come from?

Ancient Roman Tread Mill Crane

The “tread mill” also known as the “tread wheel” was first introduced in the height of the Roman Empire, around the late first century AD. When the Romans found they had a need to lift heavier weight, they incorporated the treadmill, replacing the winch in their cranes. The men would walk within the wheel itself and because the treadmill had a larger diameter, they were able to lift double the weight with half the crew. 

Reconstruction of the Roman Polyspastos Crane

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To most people, a 26.2 mile race is a once-in-a-lifetime experience - if they ever do one at all. 

For 46-year-old Matthew Loddy, marathons are a part of daily life, or at least they have been for the past 90 days. On his “2TonRun” the determined father of two from Kings Langley, Hertfordshire will run 100 marathons in 100 days, with the goal of raising £100,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust and St. Francis Hospice in Berkhamsted. His inspiration comes from a promise he made to friend Phil Latham to grow support and awareness for young people with cancer. Phil was cared for at St. Francis before he died of a rare form of stomach cancer in 2010.

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