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3 Ways to Teach a Better Indoor Cycling Class


The measure of a great cycling class comes down to a great instructor. On top of a killer soundtrack and upbeat attitude, having a wide variety of tools available to increase participants’ performance levels is going to keep your classes full. Here are a few ways to use computer feedback to keep your riders engaged and coming back for more.

Resistance Level

Use a number to benchmark what resistance should be, and allow the rider to increase or decrease resistance based on skill level. This is a very intuitive tool for those new to group cycling because it will allow them to gauge what the average resistance should be for their sprints and climbs.

Calories Per Hour

Set a Calorie Per Hour output the class should reach, letting each class member dictate the resistance and RPM. This will give a real-time view of their power output, and allows riders to measure their cycling strength and efficiency over time. It’s also a great motivator for those tough hills!

Percent of Heart Rate Max

Instead of dictating the speed and resistance to your class, use heart rate for riders to measure their performance. Riders benefit by being able to set the resistance and RPM based on their skill level; you benefit by only calling out one value to the whole class. This evens the playing field and is great for classes with riders of varying skill levels.

Sample 60 Minute % of Heart Rate Max Class

Drop Downs

Warm Up

• 4mins - 60-65% MHR - Position 1

• 3mins going up each minute in % MHR from 70-75% / 75-80% / 80-85% - Position 3

• 2mins - 60-65% MHR - Position 1

• 1min - 85-95% MHR - Position 2

• 5mins - 60-65% MHR - Position 1

Repeat x3

• 1min - 85-95% MHR - Position 2 out the saddle

• 2mins - 80-85% MHR - Position 2 seated

• 4mins - 75-80% MHR - Position 3

• 5mins - 60-65% MHR - Position 1

Repeat x1

• 1min - 85-95% MHR -Position 2 out the saddle

• 1min - 80-85% MHR - Position 2 seated

• 1min - 75-80% MHR - Position 3

Cool Down

• 6mins - 60-65% MHR - Position 1

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