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5 Gym Etiquette Rules to Live By


As a former general manager of a health club, I have seen members do a wide range of unpleasant and strange things at the gym. For example, I had one member that pooped in the lockers. (I still haven’t figured that one out.) Another would sing so loud while on the treadmill, other members couldn’t even hear their own music playing. These are two things I would recommend NOT doing at the gym.

While the gym is clearly not like going to the opera or a black tie affair, there are a few basic gym etiquette rules you should try to abide by. 


1. Wipe down your equipment after using it. No one wants to get on equipment you have just sweat all over!

2. Don’t rest too long in-between sets. It is rude to sit on a piece of equipment for a long period of time talking on your cell phone or reading a magazine. While you are resting, get off the equipment and allow fellow members to work in a set.

3. Put your weights back. If you have moved a weight plate, bar or dumbbell return it to its designated spot. If you leave a weight sitting out someone might trip on it or may not be strong enough to remove it from a piece of equipment.

4. The locker room is not your private bathroom. There is nothing worse then a member who hogs the mirror, spreads their clothes everywhere, takes up three lockers, and leaves their towels lying all over the place. Limit yourself to one locker and be sure to clean up after yourself.  

5. The gym can definitely be social and I’ve worked at some with a great sense of community, but guys: please leave the cheesy pick-up lines at home.


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