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ACE's Fitness Trends for 2016 and What They Mean for Health Clubs


We’ve talked about the ACSM list of the top fitness trends of 2016, and they’re all good trends to know and keep in mind. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) has its own list, which provides plenty of detail on what ACE expects for next year, and a slightly different take on 2016.

These 10 trends are pretty fascinating, and a couple of the most interesting points have a direct impact on small group training. That’s an area where facilities really need to focus their attention in 2016.

Experiences, not simply workouts, will become the norm.

We’ve seen boutique studios explode in popularity in a relatively short period of time. The reason? They’re able to create unique and often energizing experiences that draw exercisers in (often at a hefty price). Traditional health clubs need to pay attention to their small group training offerings and make them more inviting and exciting. Exercisers like to be challenged and they like workout settings that are energetic and fun.

Combined formats for group fitness classes.

Combining popular group fitness formats can enhance the workout experience as well as the workout results. This can be done with equipment that a facility already has. Variety can be as easy as adding treadmills and free weights to a SYNRGY360 area. Or how about incorporating the total-body workout of a Row GX trainer into a SYNRGY360 workout? It all adds to the experience of the exerciser. Engaging exercisers and keeping them interested takes creativity. Facilities may need to rethink how they offer small group training in order to create buzz and excitement. Don’t be afraid to fail. Innovative thinking can lead to big things.



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