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Adding Value to Your Cardio Workout


ManrunningonDiscovertreadmill_mr.jpgYou love getting in a solid cardio workout, but sometimes it gets boring. Who likes staring at a wall for the duration of a 5k on the treadmill?

To add more fun and excitement to your workouts, Life Fitness goes far beyond just developing fitness equipment. Not only do we create some of the technology ourselves, but we make the ability for different technologies to work with our products.

LFopen™ From Life Fitness continues to bring more to the fitness experience. In the past, commercial fitness products were only compatible with applications developed by the same company that manufactured the product. With LFopen, third-party app developers have the ability to integrate their applications with Life Fitness open platform products like those with Discover™ Tablet consoles and Track+ consoles, giving the user several options when finding an app that works best for their fitness routine.

Kinomap, which now interacts with Life Fitness open platform products, provides a landscape for users in an indoor workout facility. Kinomap is all about sharing. This app allows users to upload a video of a run, bike ride, etc. and attach it to a map that other users can access on their tablets during a workout.

Paofit gives the user an artificial, yet appealing landscape during a cardio workout. What does that mean? It means the Paofit app simulates an outdoor experience on your screen so you’re no longer forced to stare at a blank wall during a cardio session. Feel like running through Ireland or Death Valley? How about Tuscany, Italy? Paofit satisfies your adventurous appetite through a Life Fitness Discover Tablet Console or Track+ Console and takes you to those destinations without going through an airport security checkpoint.

Paofit also combines a social element and allows you to share workouts with friends on Facebook. When a workout is shared, Paofit turns your pace into an avatar that your friends can see when working out on the same course. The competitiveness will encourage you to challenge friends, meaning you go harder and get a better workout.

Track+ consoles are now compatible with iOS and Android devices. A USB cable allows users to plug in their Android phones and tablets without the threat of battery loss because the cable doubles as a charging port. Expanding compatibility to another platform means more users can track their fitness progress through the LFconnect website or another app during a workout.

Eager to give these a try? Discover Tablet consoles are available with the Elevation Series equipment in commercial facilities, and the home version at the Platinum Club Series. They are also available in all home products with Track+ consoles.



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