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Bring Your Workout to Work


I just finished the 5K Race to Wrigley Field in Chicago. Who did I high-five at the finish? Not my best friend or little brother, but Jake, the IT analyst who sits two cubes away from mine. We’re part of the Life Fitness Running Club, which includes 70 other members out of our Chicago area offices.

The club meets on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays at noon for runs around the Schiller Park/Franklin Park, Ill. neighborhood as well as Wednesday evenings, and Thursday mornings. To maintain membership we must meet with the club at least 3 times a month, but many of our members meet more frequently and our grove runs range anywhere from 2 to 6 miles long as a group. 

I love the Running Club because not only does it give us a chance as employees to live the Life Fitness model, but it establishes a bond with fellow workers that you don't get in any other environment. The lunch-time runs and races give people the chance to connect with fellow employees they might never have met from the other departments.

The Running Club is just one of many options at Life Fitness locations around the world that allow you to bring your workout to work. Along with the employee gym, we have group exercise classes like cycling and Pilates, golf groups, bowling clubs and more

But, you don’t have to work for a fitness equipment manufacturer to bring your workout to work.

Running Club on a lunch-time run

What could you do?

1. Form your own running or walking club. Recruit some coworkers to start walking with you at lunch and work with HR to send out an email to your department or entire company with an invitation to join. Create cool t-shirts to make it feel more official.

2. Organize group exercise classes. Speak to your boss or HR department and find a space where you could hold Zumba or Pilates classes. At Life Fitness we’re lucky enough to have former trainers on hand to help, but popping in an exercise video could be just as effective.

3. Register your team for a charity 5K. It’s great for team building and you can hold each other accountable for training and preparation outside of work.      

4.Get a stability ball or standing desk. Studies are showing that it’s not just about the 1 hour of exercise anymore; it’s about what you’re doing for the other 23 hours of the day that has the biggest impact on your health.

5. Get up more! Print your papers at the printer further away from your desk and set an alarm every hour to do a lap around the floor above or below you.

If you want to take these tips a step further and learn more about formal corporate wellness programs, this article has some good resources: How to Build a Wellness Program.

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