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Celebrating 25 Years of Toughness with Hammer Strength


Few brands define exercise innovation, elite performance and rugged durability like Hammer Strength. The truth is, our equipment is cutting-edge and anvil-strong because it was born that way, and this year we’re proud to announce that Hammer Strength has turned 25-years-old. As our anniversary party approaches in San Diego at IHRSA 2014, I think it's finally time to look back at the incredible, fruitful journey that got us here today.


Hammer Strength was founded by Gary Jones, who wanted to combine the natural movement and intensity of free weight training with the structural support and safety of machines. He spent three years consulting with doctors, sports professionals and top athletes to create efficient motions that mirrored human movement and provided the most satisfying workout possible. Confident with the results, Gary took Hammer Strength live in 1989, and the exercise world has never been the same.

After eight years of becoming a world leader in plate-loaded equipment, Hammer Strength was acquired by Life Fitness in 1997 – a move that provided the key resources and global reach to truly flourish. It was these Life Fitness resources that allowed Hammer Strength to expand with equipment lines such as MTS and HD Elite. Today, our internationally-renowned Hammer Strength brand continues to grow, and we have even more surprises in store at IHRSA 2014.  


Being an industry-leader for 25 years doesn’t come easy, and not only has Hammer Strength produced the world's most rugged product lines – we’ve lead our field with some serious innovation along the way. Breakthroughs in exercise science include:

• Iso-Lateral Technology – the biomechanically-sound advancements found in our plate-loaded, Ground Base and MTS equipment evolved strength training forever by producing natural body motions with convergent and divergent movements.

• Ground Base – Iso-Lateral technology was taken even further with the Ground Base, which allows exercisers to train with their feet on the floor and bolster total body stabilization and coordination.

• HD Elite – Small group strength training took a giant leap forward with this hardcore, high-performance rack system. For athletes and small groups looking to hit core muscles and shatter strength goals, HD Elite is the best in the business.


An accurate barometer of Hammer Strength’s current success is the measurement of how many elite athletes use it for peak performance – and the numbers don’t lie. As of 2013, an astounding 100% of all NFL and MLB teams use Hammer Strength equipment, followed by 96% of all NBA teams. We're honored that so many superior performers choose to train with the toughest gear in sports.

The Future

Hammer Strength’s portfolio continues to evolve in innovative ways, with a current focus on high-intensity workouts and small group training. Looking forward, we have surprises that we're thrilled to unveil at IHRSA 2014, one of the largest fitness trade shows in the world. Come by and check out our new line of equipment, as well as demonstrations on our HD Elite rack system, and you'll understand why we're so excited about the future.

The Party

Celebrate Hammer Strength’s 25th Anniversary at IHRSA 2014 in San Diego, where we have a variety of festivities planned. On March 13th from 6-8 pm, we'll have founder Gary Jones in attendance, a full bar and a variety of fun giveaways (including temporary tattoos, koozies, and t-shirts). We're stoked to celebrate Hammer Strength's 25th year, and we hope to see you all Thursday night!

Hammer Strength


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