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Compiling a "Winter Warrior" Wardrobe


For many regions right now, stepping outside means braving icy terrain, sub-zero temperatures and knife-edge wind chills. Despite these facts, we don’t want to barricade ourselves indoors and miss out on quality outdoor workouts. It’s time to suit up and get outside!

Wool Socks – In cold weather, your body struggles to keep warm blood flowing to your hands and feet. Purchase thick, long socks made of wool, not cotton. Wool wicks moisture from your skin, whereas cotton stays wet and pull heat away from you.

Waterproof Shoes – If you’re traversing through snow and ice, protect your feet with shoes that keep out watery elements. Look for shoes that prevent slipping and grip the road or sidewalk.

Headwear Upgrade – Facts are facts. You can lose 40% of your body heat through your head, but by putting a top on it, you can keep that internal hearth burning. Try thermal hats and headbands made of wool or fleece and you’re off to a great start. 

Protect the Money Maker – Maybe that winter wind is really cracking its bullwhip today. Try a high-tech ski mask and you’ll be able to stare down those subzero temperatures black ops-style.

Insulating Gloves – Give frostbite something to else to chew on with gloves that have convertible mitten functionality. For the people who can’t wait to text, find gloves with Smart Touch fingertips for your electronic devices.

Core Layers – You’ll need two or three of these for your run. 

  • Layer #1: Wool Wicking Base.
  • Layer #2: Fleece Insulation. This one is up to you.
  • Layer #3: Element-Proof. Choose a fabric that will protect you from wind and water, but that is also light enough to keep you running free.

Leg Protection – Keep those legs churning with a pair of fleece-lined or snow and water resistant tights (preferably both). Mobility, comfort and warmth are the goals here.

Now that you’re informed, it’s time to show the elements that you make the rules, too. Once you’ve compiled your “winter warrior” wardrobe, get out there and tear it up!



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