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Connecting Your Workouts to Fitbit, Jawbone and Other Fitness Apps


The astonishingly rapid rate of adoption for wearable technology is shaping global health and fitness. With 80 million wearable devices expected to be in use by 2016, this clearly can no longer be considered just a passing trend.


There are reasons why wearable fitness trackers are extremely popular. They assist a variety of exercisers in the pursuit of better health. They encourage and guide new exercisers, and motivate moderate to advanced exercisers to exceed their fitness goals. The health care industry is using wearables to aide physicians in the tracking of the movements of their health conscious or ailing patients.

Exercisers may overlook integrating their wearable trackers with traditional cardio equipment, but in doing so they are not seeing a complete representation of their cardio activity.

Life Fitness equipment actually interacts with fitness apps and wearables. Using the LFconnect app, exercisers can instantly send workout data to popular wearable apps like Fitbit and Jawbone UP, or native phone apps like Apple Health and Google Fit.

So you may be thinking, “I’m already getting my steps when I workout.” That’s true when you’re on a treadmill. But for elliptical and cycling workouts, Fitbit and Jawbone apps convert your no-impact motions into steps. And Life Fitness equipment contributes a more accurate calorie count, taking into account speed and resistance. This gives you, and anyone else monitoring your activity, a holistic and accurate view if your fitness.

How To Connect

It's really easy to integrate your Life Fitness workouts with your wearable tracking apps. Start by downloading the LFconnect app from the Apple or Google play stores. In the settings menu, select the apps you would like to connect and you’re ready. The next time you exercise on life Fitness equipment, open the LFconnect app and scan the QR code on screen to connect. Once you complete your workout, LFconnect automatically sends those results to the apps you've integrated.


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