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Cristiano’s Tips for a Knock Out PTtoWatch Entry


The 2015 Personal Trainers to Watch program is now open for nominees.

Do you wonder if you – or your favorite personal trainer – has what it takes to compete against the world’s top trainers and earn global recognition?

I was honored to win the competition last year and learned a thing or two about the nomination process. Here are my tips for impressing the judges and putting together a knock-out entry:

Let Passion Shine Through: Personal Trainers to Watch looks for trainers who put their hearts into their work and love what they do. Be sure to emphasize how you or your favorite trainer goes beyond the basics to exceed client expectations.

Study the Science: It’s not enough just to be a good motivator – the best personal trainers also have a thorough grasp of the science behind the sets. Be sure your entry showcases knowledge of anatomy, body movement and chemistry.

Get Personal: Fitness is not one-size fits all. Do you or your favorite trainer develop customized goals and plans that take into account an individual’s fitness level, overall health, injuries, goals and motivation? Emphasize examples of customized solutions.

Show Your Support: Even the most motivated clients hit roadblocks and challenges – and it often has nothing to do with the exercise at all. A bad week at the office, personal issues or just an “off” day can impact performance and motivation. In your entry, show how you or your favorite trainer is able to help clients uncover these barriers, work through them, and get the most out of every workout.

Does this sound like you or your favorite personal trainer? Then enter yourself or nominate a deserving trainer today at

Registration closes July 15.

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