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8 Fitness Apps to Boost Your Workout


Fitness apps are to today what diet fads were to the 80’s: there are a million choices, and very few will give you results. To aide in the search, we waded through the sea of software to pick out some of our favorites that will keep you motivated and burning through those extra calories.

  1. Interval training

Platform: iOS only

Price: Free

Breakdown: If you’re a regular visitor to this blog, you know that interval training can yield impressive results in a short amount of time. The only problem is that you don’t always have the option of keeping a timer in front of you. That’s why we love the Interval Timer from Deltaworks Limited. Simple to use and easy to navigate, you can set interval times, your rests, and how many cycles you want to complete. You can even save specific intervals to use later, which gives you more time to get out and get to it. (Also available in a ‘Pro’ version.)

2.       Diet Bet

Platform: iOS only

Price: Free

Breakdown: There’s nothing worse than dieting alone, but finally there’s an app that feels our pain. Diet Bet is a new app that looks to turn dieting on its head, making it as inclusionary as possible via what they call ‘social dieting.’ Users looking to lose weight join an existing game or set one up amongst their friends, with each person contributing to the shared pot of prize money. Then, everyone submits a picture of themselves and their current weight reading on a digital scale. After that, it’s game on for the next 28 days. Those participating are given access to expert workout tips, and can share their fitness activity via social media. Any person that succeeds in losing 4% or more of their body weight splits the pot. Let the games begin!

3.       Runtastic

Platform: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Breakdown: Though initially a runner’s app, Runtastic has since become a useful tool for all manner of sportsmen and women. Featuring a GPS workout mapper, a personal workout diary, and graphs that chart your run’s elevation, pace and heart rate, there isn’t much you won’t be able to track. And while GPS tracking isn’t anything new to the world of fitness apps, there are few that make for as smooth an experience as Runtastic.

4.       Fitocracy

Platform: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Breakdown: If you like the idea of a little friendly competition with your workouts, but don’t want to put down any money, Fitocracy could be the app for you. Created out of the developers’ love of video games, Fitocracy is all about game-ifying your workout. With every routine you complete, you receive points that help you “level up,” providing a little extra incentive to do just a few more reps. It comes loaded with a number of set routines for all levels of fitness, with the developers promising that no matter what your goal, it can help you reach “the next level.”

5.      Zombies, Run!

Platform: Android and iOS

Price: 3.99, 1.99 for 5K training version

Breakdown: What better incentive is there to get moving than being chased by hordes of the undead? Part horror story, part survival game, and all fitness, this app gives you a rich story (co-created by award winning novelist Naomi Alderman) told via voiceovers as you run for supplies in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. And if you enjoy interval running, you can turn on “Zombie Chase” mode, which has random groups of ghouls “appear” behind you, urging you to sprint to safety. If you’re a fan of spooky stories and running from danger (like me), give this app a chance.



Platform:   iOS only

Price: Free

Breakdown: Wouldn’t it be cool to have a race with someone on the other side of the planet? The people behind Yog thought so. With runners in 89 countries and races every 30 minutes, you’ll never be too far from a head-to-head race to take your workout up a notch. You can see how you stack up against your fellow competitors via an onscreen display, as well as check your stats or schedule a match for later. It’s also a great substitute if your running buddy is out of town.



Platform: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Breakdown: If you have a hard time finding the motivation to work out consistently, check out SoFit. “Improve the world while improving your health,” it promises, allowing you to compete in fitness challenges against friends, athletes and celebrities, while also giving you the opportunity to raise money for charities during your regular run. Each run can also earn you points toward real world rewards, including music, videos and games.  And, of course, it tracks and records your fitness level.

8.       FLOW Competitive Sports

Platform: Andorid and iOS

Cost: 11.99 to 19.99

Breakdown: If you’re curious about your fitness strengths and weaknesses, look no further than the FLOW Competitive Sports app. Using an easy self-assessment, the app will analyze your results, tell you where you could improve, and create a customized training plan for you. It also includes HD videos of every exercise, and can also be used by trainers to track their athlete’s performance. 

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