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Exercise The Right To Go Green


Environmental sustainability has become a key factor in consumer purchasing decisions. From light bulbs to lettuce and computers to cars, the desire to live greener influences where people eat, buy their homes and work, so why not where they work out?

Life Fitness’s new Green To Go certification program ensures that an exercise facility’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint doesn’t go unnoticed by today’s growing audience of green-minded exercisers by awarding any client who purchases at least 90 percent of their cardio equipment from our energy-efficient line of products with a plaque to display in their facility. 

The program recognizes our customers’ dedication to advancing Life Fitness’s own eco-conscious efforts. By going green, workout facilities can not only reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to global energy conservation objectives, but also save some ‘green’ on their utility bills: the low-emission Elevation Engage Lifecycles, Treadmills, and Cross-Trainers use up to 52 percent less electricity than other less energy-efficient options.

Traditionally, working out ‘greener’ literally meant exercising outdoors. The Green to Go certification program allows facilities to empower exercisers to extend their sustainable lifestyle initiatives to their fitness programs in ways they perhaps hadn’t considered before. There’s also the added satisfaction that comes with knowing that the force you are exerting during your workout is helping to power an actual machine - talk about results you can feel!

Facility owners can contact their sales representative today to start the certification process. 

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