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Fit Tip: Add, Change and Stop One Thing to Improve Your Fitness


When you’re trying to get into shape, the question isn't whether or not you'll hit a plateau, it's when. Plateaus are as inevitable as rainy days and Mondays—and just about as welcome.  Before you throw in your workout towel, first know you aren’t alone.  A plateau simply means you have reached a state of equilibrium: the calories you’re consuming and the calories you’re burning are balanced. Balance is a good thing; it’s your body’s way of announcing that you’ve succeeded. But if your weight loss has come to a screeching hault, we advise you to perhaps add one thing, change one thing and stop one thing to break free from your plateau and see the results.

Add one more thing. A plateau is your signal to do something different—surprise the body and mind! Try a new exercise routine. Add in some cross training by trying new modes of exercise.  If you are a treadmill junkie, it’s time to hop on an elliptical machine.  Maybe mixing your strength and cardio together in the same workout would shake things up. Or try interval training.  Twice a week, add in some sprints. You can try a boot camp or another class you’re curious about.  Often the new movements will jump start your calorie burn again.  

Change one more thing. Re-evaluate your food intake and try portion control. If the scale isn’t budging, your portions may be to blame. Since portions can be so out of whack, it’s helpful to think in terms of servings, which are more precise. Check the Nutrition Facts panels on food packages to make sure you are eating just one serving.  Split your restaurant portions in two.  Eat your meals on a salad plate. 

Stop one more thing. Stop restarting …when everything doesn’t go as perfectly as you plan, keep going. Don’t give up altogether and resort to unhealthy habits. Stop your radical declarations and promises to lose weight and pledge to be consistent in your healthy choices. Make small changes day by day instead of resolving to start being perfect.

Try these three things and soon you will break free from your plateau and be on your way to your next level of success.

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