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Fit Tip: Create an Online Support Network


Joining an online fitness and health community is a powerful way to share tips and workouts, provide support and stay accountable. One study from the University of Texas even found that active online weight loss community members lost more weight than members who were inactive. 

Get the right support. Do you long to have the support of a community and access to fitness experts like contestants on The Biggest Loser? With an online community you can commit to your goals and share struggles and successes alongside others in your same position. Fitness community sites range from free, forum based communities to monthly subscriptions with access to exercise and nutrition experts and structured programs designed to fit your personal goals. Pick one that fits your personality, goals and budget.

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Create a Challenge. Create an online challenge and invite your family, friends or a group of coworkers to join. It’s a private community with people you know where you can share photos, videos and encouraging comments. It’s a great way to set goals, track progress and root each other on. The ability to have a winner can also be extremely motivating. 

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Keep learning. There are endless online resources for health and fitness information. In addition to community support, many trusted sites offer the latest research articles, fitness trends and workout videos that will make fitness a lifelong learning experience.

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Do you have a favorite online fitness community? Comment and tell us! 



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