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Fit Tip: Exercises To Prep For That Ski Trip


2.3.15ExercisesForSkiTrip.jpgWith ski season in full swing, we want your next trip down the hill (or mountain) to be strong, speedy, and safe. To conquer all three—plus that black diamond—the exercises you do before and after hitting the slopes are crucial. Here’s the how to prep your body for that upcoming ski trip!

Pre-Slopes Sweating

Add these three additions to your workouts leading up to your winter adventure.

1. Lower Body Focus

Since skiing requires the use of all of the large muscles groups in your lower body, add additional lunges and squats to your workout to strengthen your legs and glutes. Beat boredom by adding variations: walking lunges, pistol squats, plié squats, etc. 

2. BOSU Ball Balance

With rough terrain and constant changes in direction on the mountain, a skier’s body needs to be able to maintain equilibrium with ease. This slope skill requires great core strength and balance. Fortunately, the BOSU ball will help with both. Simply perform exercises you normally do like squats, crunches, and push-ups but on the BOSU ball. You’ll really feel it in your core after one session.

3. Plyometric Power

Speed and agility are the last elements to acing a ski hill. Think plyometric jumps and drills involving quick feet and direction. Jump squats, split lunges or fast foot work. 

Post-Slope Solutions

After a day of going up and down the mountain, a cool down exercise is important.

1. Yoga

Time spent on the yoga mat can help protect against injury by addressing muscle imbalances and improving flexibility. And, yoga is always a great way to destress and chill out after a strenuous workout.

2. Foam Rolling 

Sore muscles and stiff legs come with a long day in a pair of skis. Fortunately, a foam roller or massage stick can help with self-myofascial release—a fancy term for self-massage to release muscle tightness or trigger points. Spend 10 minutes using the tool and feel the sweet release.

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