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Fit Tip: Put Your Body Weight to Work


Summer is in full swing, packed with vacations, backyard barbeques and community pool time. The weekend getaway and summer camp commutes might be flipping your personal schedule upside-down, but bodyweight training can help you work in some exercise no matter what your summertime schedule throws at you.  In fact, your own body weight can be the best resistance tool you have.  Total body strengthening can be done almost any time, anywhere. So UP your strength with these exercises:

Step-ups: Find a bench, a step, or if you are a beginner, a phone book will suffice and step up, step down, up, down squeezing your buns and engaging your quads.

Mountain Climbers: Start in the plank position and slowly bring your right knee towards your chest, then your left. As you gain stability, move your knees in and out faster for some quick cardio burn.

Push-ups: Get down on the floor or use the wall for a beginner option. Either way keep your abs contracted and your back straight. You can start on your knees and graduate up to full push-ups as you practice.

Tricep Dips: Start by sitting on your butt, knees bent and arms braced behind you with fingers pointed towards your back. Then, push up into the crab position. Use your triceps to dip up and down, keeping your body stable and using only your arms.

Leg-ups: Get down on all fours and lift your leg behind you. Squeeze your buns as you lower and lift for maximum benefits. Make sure to do with both legs.

Sit-ups: Bend your knees, hands behind your head, and roll up, engaging your abdominal muscles like a crunch. Move slowly and don’t use the momentum. It’s quality and not quantity that counts.

Full Body Roll-ups: Lie flat on your back with your arms extended overhead.  Slowly roll up into a “C” curve reaching for your toes. Inhale and exhale as you uncurl your body one vertebra at a time back into the floor.


No more excuses. You don’t have to have dumbbells or a gym to get in your workout. You can workout anywhere you are with the best resistance equipment there is: YOU!  

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