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Fit Tip: Spring Break Prep


2.24.15SpringBreakPrep.jpgSpring break season is right around the corner and it’s almost time to swap sweatpants for a swimsuit. Yep, you’re about to uncover areas that haven’t seen the sun in a long time.

Before you panic and cancel your reservations for the hotel on the beach, know that we have your back (and your backside).

Follow these simple tips to get in shape and make splash for your spring break getaway!

Ramp Up Your Workouts

In order to maximize your results for your trip, ramp up your normal workout in duration and intensity. If you normally walk, try jogging. If you are an avid runner, add some short sprints into your run. You may even want to double up on workouts a few days a week. Try for one hour a day instead of 30 minutes when the date gets near! And if you don’t strength train, this is an absolute must-add. Not only will you look more toned, but strength training revs up your metabolism, too!

Drink More H20

Water. Before you spend a week swimming in it, make it your drink of choice. Aim for eight eight-ounce glasses a day and then some! Staying hydrated will help you avoid overeating, give you more energy to power through your tough sweat sessions, and aids in digestion.

Cut Back Calories

To lose just one pound, you have to create a 3,500 calorie deficit. Although your calorie needs vary according to your height, current weight and amount of physical activity, most people can lose weight by reducing their daily caloric intake to 1,500 to 1,600 calories per day and incorporating exercise. If you really want to take it up a notch, get precise about your portions by using measuring cups and writing down your calorie consumption each day. 

Ditch The Junk

A beach body is all about the abs and abs are all about what you put in your body. Beat bloat and get that flat stomach by cutting out sodium, processed foods, chemicals, and food coloring. All of this fake “food” does nothing but hurt your weight loss efforts. Also, lay off the alcohol. Drinking is extra calories that provides no nutrients and reduces your willpower. Save the piña coladas until spring break!

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