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Fit Tip: The Power of Visualization


Has simply looking at an athlete, fitness trainer or someone in ideal shape inspired you to increase your workouts? Picturing how you want to look and feel can be a big motivator to exercise regularly and make healthy decisions.  

Repetitive visualization, combined with your associated emotions, will help develop your power to visualize and take action to achieve your goals. Here are several ways you can use the power of visualization in your quest to live fit.

Create a fitness vision board.

Chances are you have a few pictures of yourself that show off your best shape or your athletic prowess. Use those photos to create a vision board that motivates you to keep your commitment to the gym and exercise.  

You can use a bulletin board, whiteboard or a piece of paper. Many devoted exercisers and fitness experts, including Life Fitness, are "pinning" their fitness inspiration boards on Pinterest. Be creative. Add photos of others that motivate you or find some empowering quotes. Every time you look at your fitness vision board it will remind you of how you want to see yourself. 

Write a vision statement.

Most businesses have a mission statement that pin-points the overall objectives, values and goals of the company. Since you're the CEO of your life, create a vision statement.  

Your vision statement should include positive sentences stated in the present tense that you can read regularly to help you visualize your goals. Even if there are a few fitness goals you haven't yet achieved, write out your vision statement as if you have already achieved those things.  Your vision statement is your ideal scenario. For example: I am fit. I love to exercise. I am strong and my endurance increases daily.  

Recommit and refine your vision board and statement.

You have to keep refining your vision board and vision statement as your goals change, so continue recommitting to the process. Every time you set your goals higher, soar past your mission posts, or set a new aspiration, you have to recommit to the process of articulating that goal in your mind. 

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