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Fitness and Technology Survey Links Exerciser Success to Technology


Are you a focused exerciser, or a distracted one? Me, I need distraction. I don’t want to be alone with my thoughts—I think too much. I need the TV on, earphones in, and possibly a book to scan during commercials. Then, put me in a gym where all the energy around me keeps me motivated.



I’m not alone. The Life Fitness 2012 Fitness and Technology Survey found that 72 percent of exercisers around the world use some type of technology during their workout This includes things like iPods, iPads, cell phones, television and the lucky exercisers who have connected equipment—devices that dock to their cardio machines and work through the console. Only 32 percent of those surveyed were able to plug their mobile device into their equipment.

Connected exercisers also seem to be more successful. More than half of those surveyed consider themselves more successful at achieving their weight and fitness goals because of technology.

The report also found that nearly three-quarters of those ages 50 or younger believe they would be encouraged to work out more if they had access to their personal content while exercising. Consider me among them.

And, survey responses indicate that gym-goers think they are successful at losing weight, getting fit and building muscle. The fitness industry has been saying that for years. But this survey went a step further and showed those who belong to a gym and incorporate technology perceive themselves as most successful in achieving their fitness goals.

People have come to expect mobile device connectivity wherever they go and gyms are no different. Perhaps the most startling number to come out of the 2012 Fitness and Technology survey:

Would you? Please comment below and tell us your thoughts on the fitness and technology evolution.

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