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Fitness Pioneer Shows Recovering Strength in Battle Against ALS


As fierce as ever, Augie Nieto’s team of supporters kicked off the 2013 annual BASH event for Augie’s Quest echoing his eloquent words just eight years earlier “I’m gonna beat this SOB”.

On March 21st at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, BASH attendees snickered at Augie’s tenacity, delivered with blunt-force and cutting wit.

Life Fitness co-founder Augie Nieto was diagnosed with ALS or “Lou Gehrig’s Disease” in 2005. ALS affects the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, eventually leading to loss of muscle movement. The median survival time from the onset of the disease to death is little more than three years, and only four percent of those affected survive longer than 10 years. Ever the fighter, Augie stunned the room last week when he showed guests he was getting stronger. Having experienced almost complete muscle failure in his legs and wheelchair-bound today, Augie proved recovering strength by leg-pressing 100 lbs on stage that night.  

Pat Monahan, Train at Augie's BASH 2013Pat Monahan, friend of Augie and lead singer for the Grammy-winning band Train, joined the BASH in celebration of Augie’s spirit and performed band hits like “Drive By” and “Drops of Jupiter” for the crowd of inspired guests.

“I’m proud once again to answer the call of my friends Augie and Lynne Nieto, who I consider to be true heroes,” said Monahan, who has released a series of successful albums with Train and as a solo artist, and who performed at the 2008 BASH and on the MDA Labor Day Telethon. “It’s humbling to be part of something that is destined to make a difference for so many families affected by ALS.”

Augie’s unwavering fight inspires contributions of more than $37 million raised to date in the fight to find a cure for ALS. Watch below for highlights and celebrity appearances from BASH events spanning the last 8 years.



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