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Four Pinterest Boards to Get You Healthy


If you haven’t heard of Pinterest yet, it’s a social media site that functions as an online pin board where you can post images of favorite things like recipes, clothing, quotes and more on personal “boards”. While Pinterest is great for sharing beautiful things, you can also use it for motivation and support for your goals—like the one you have to live healthy. Whether you’re already pinning away, or want to join, try creating these four boards to kick your fitness goals into gear.

Healthy Recipes.  Pin healthy recipes for meals, snacks and desserts from bloggers, nutritionists or fitness professionals. Resolve to make a few of the recipes each week and reduce the number of times you eat out. Use Pinterest to discover creative ways to limit the amount of calories you consume and eat healthier, more whole foods. 

Fitness Motivation. What motivates you?  What inspires you? Pin it! Maybe it’s quotes or images of athletes. It could be fit people doing the form of exercise you love or pictures of triathlons and mud runs. Whatever motivates you to get out the door and move, put it on your motivation board. Think outside the box and pin images of places you’ll visit as a healthier you or family that you want to set a good example for.

Exercises to Try. For those days you can’t make it to gym, post workouts and exercises you can do at home. Look for exercises you can do with your body weight or free weights. Pin a variety of workouts and you only need to look as far as your Pinterest exercise board to mix up your routine.

My Progress.  Pin images of you working out, losing weight and getting healthier to for motivation. You can use the pictures to track your progress and inspire yourself to stay active. Add some photos of you in a favorite outfit or of a healthy meal you ordered. If it shows off your healthy lifestyle, put it on your personal board. Hint: Pinterest recently added private boards if you would rather not share these images with your friends.

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