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Hammer Strength Presents All American Athlete of the Year Award


JeannelleScheper(1).JPGThe first annual Hammer Strength All American Athlete of the Year Award went to a very deserving individual: Jeanelle Scheper from the University of South Carolina. Our 2013 female award-winner entered college as a 15-year-old, set a school record jumping 6’3” ¼ during the 2013 season and became the Student Athlete of the Year. Additionally, she received accolades from her home country of St. Lucia as the St. Lucia Junior Female Athlete of the Year and the Sports Woman of the Year.

Before an athlete like Jeanelle can win the award, they must first receive a nomination from their coach  an opportunity created by Hammer Strength to provide strength coaches with the unique ability to recognize their athletes on a national scale. Nominations are limited to one male and one female athlete per school, and the coaches are tasked with working together to select the top two athletes from all programs on campus. Specifically, Hammer Strength looks for the following when making a selection:

“Athletes to be considered for this award are characterized by intensity, consistency of purpose, achievement, and teamwork. These athletes are superior performers on the field/court who exemplify the best of what it takes to become fierce competitors. They exhibit tremendous work ethic and leadership skills. They motivate their teammates to excel and perform at their best. Leaders by example, these student athletes have strong academic standing and exhibit good sportsmanship. They are dedicated to their sport — tireless workers in pursuit of excellence — translating everything they accomplish, be it in the strength and conditioning arena or the classroom, to performance on the field/court.”

The Hammer Strength All American Athlete of the Year selections are made from a pool of qualifying nominees, who go through a three-step blind process where they are ranked and voted on until the final overall winners are selected.

On October 4, 2013, Scheper was presented with her Hammer Strength All American Athlete of the Year Award by a Hammer Strength representative at the University of South Carolina Track and Field Banquet. Additionally, Sheper’s achievement was publically recognized during halftime of the University of South Carolina vs. Kentucky football game at the 50-yard line.

Hammer Strength would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone at the University of South Carolina for giving us a wonderful experience. To learn how you can nominate a future Hammer Strength All American, visit the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association’s website.



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