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How To Work Out Your Willpower and Achieve Your Fitness Goals


Willpower is discipline - it means doing what you know you should do, whether or not you feel like doing it. Wake up and choose willpower daily, and build it up like you would a muscle!

Here are some areas to focus on as you work out your willpower.

Think short-term. Willpower can be found in your habits, so think of what you can do today to meet your goals. Focus only on your next immediate goal, whether it is building muscle, toning up or losing weight. For strength training, try fitting in two sessions a week at first. Once you have that mastered, try three times a week. 

Think positive thoughts. Write down all of your mini victories. Did you work out today? Write it down. Drop a pound? Jot that number down in your calendar. Did you adopt a new habit you are proud of, like eating an apple a day or doing a group cycling class? Keep a list of those wins and you will be creating your own willpower success plan.

Prepare for weak resolve. If your workday gets away from you and causes you to skip a workout, exercise the next morning instead. Prepare a plan for when your resolve isn't high - this plan isn't just about making healthy decisions, it's about not getting discouraged. With a combination of planning and making healthy choices, you can keep your willpower going. 

Assemble your own support team. It's great to have a friend who can remind you of your goals, encourage you when you aren't motivated or step up to be your exercise partner. Choose a few accountability partners and you won't always have to drum up your willpower alone.

Use your success as rocket fuel. Finding your own success can fuel confidence in a big way. When you start to notice the positive changes you've made, you will be putting rocket fuel into your willpower. Soon, anything will seem possible!

Share your tips for staying the course in the comments below. 

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