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LFA Trainer of the Month for October: Susane Pata


Susane Pata close up

Life Fitness Academy (LFA) Trainer of the Month is designed to help you get to know the trainers behind one of the greatest educational resources at Life Fitness. We’ve introduced you a few already. This month, we highlight Susane Pata of New York, NY. Susane helped TRX suspension training design its first fitness programs and is currently a group fitness instructor at several premium facilities in Manhattan. In October, she’ll be sharing some of her invaluable knowledge with all of us. Let’s get to know Susane.

How did you get involved with Life Fitness Academy?

I was sent by TRX to the 2012 IHRSA show in Brazil. Life Fitness was there too and had just brought on TRX as an addition to the SYNRGY system. I was introduced to Deborah McConnell (Life Fitness Academy's Training and Education Manager). She was looking for some training help on the East Coast and she hired me in November of 2012. I have been conducting education courses for Life Fitness ever since.
Work with Life Fitness involves visiting different facilities to conduct education sessions for staff and personal trainers on a wide range of products. I coach them on best practices and help them reexamine training skills on the equipment to help better their business and training outcomes.

Explain your background with TRX?

In 2004, I met the founder of TRX, Randy Hetrick. He hadn't started the company yet and was very interested in TRX group fitness. I designed TRX's first group fitness program. That aspect of TRX training started to gain speed, and when Randy started the company in 2007, he hired me full time. In addition to starting and running the education department, I also opened up the first fitness studio exclusive to TRX for the company at their headquarters building in San Francisco. As a Senior and Global Master Instructor, on weekends I conduct education courses for Life Fitness, TRX and TriggerPoint Therapy around the globe.

Suzane and a group of personal trainers in front of SYNRGY training

Susane (third from the left) in front of a SYNRGY360 unit.

What is your favorite piece of Life Fitness equipment?

Everything Life Fitness makes is so well done, but my favorite piece has to be the SYNRGY system because of how amazingly versatile it is. I can train people to "find their movements" all over again after an injury, and I can also train elite athlete to "better their movements" when correcting long-term imbalances and improve their understanding of proper movement.

Excluding personal training sessions with clients, how often do you work out each week?

I work out every day, but sometimes I'll train hard for five of those days during the week and do some sort of active recovery on two days out of the week (like total-body foam rolling for an hour).

Do you have any workout tips?

I believe the best-kept workout secrets are training the mind to get and stay strong and creating a harmonious balance among exercise, eating and sleeping. So simple, yet everyone acts like it was a secret after they experience the benefits. Sometimes you have to experience the benefits to accept it.
Good performance is such a mental thing. You've got to be in the right mind frame to perform well. When you perform well, you have a good experience and when you have a good experience, you are likely to go back for another workout.

Do you have a go-to post-workout treat?

I'm a big believer in getting whole foods into the system soon after a workout, such as an apple and a shredded chicken and spinach salad (fiber, protein and iron) but if I can't get the salad, I'll have a scoop of whey protein in a shake (water and whey protein) and an apple and almonds.

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