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LFA Trainer of the Month for September: Rachel Glew


LFA Trainer Rachel Glew

Life Fitness Academy (LFA) Trainer of the Month is designed to help you get to know the trainers behind one of the greatest educational resources at Life Fitness. We’ve introduced you to Michele Sotak, Filip Debast and Jason Barber. This month, we highlight Rachel Glew of Letchworth Garden City, England. Rachel runs Strength in Motion Fitness, a lifestyle coaching and personal training business, and has been an LFA trainer for three years. In September, she’ll be sharing some of her invaluable knowledge with all of us. Let’s get to know Rachel.

How did you get involved with Life Fitness Academy?

Prior to LFA I spent 7-1/2 years working for the Life Fitness UK sales team as the Military Account Manager. My role involved advising military personnel on the set-up of rehabilitation and performance based training facilities. I was privileged to be able to see first hand the dedication and commitment shown by those involved in rehabilitating injured personnel.

Inspired to focus on helping coach others to regain trust and confidence in their bodies, I left my sales role to launch Strength In Motion Fitness fully and work as a LFA Master Trainer.

How do you keep busy when you aren’t working with LFA?

This year I qualified as a Training for Warriors Level 2 Coach with Martin Rooney and have been enjoying adding his signature Hurricane workouts to my sessions. 

In my downtime you will find me out walking Rocky, my Hungarian Vizsla, or catching up for coffee with family and friends.

What are some of your other training accomplishments?

This year I organized a May Madness event for Strength In Motion Fitness that raised over £1150 for charity. Running under the team name Rocky's Runners, we completed 226 miles over four weekends. The hardest day involved a double challenge with Tough Mudder in the morning, followed by the Walk the Walk Marathon across London starting at midnight and finishing at sunset. 

Events are a fantastic way of building strength and confidence and enabling clients to feel good about themselves. 

Do you have a go-to post-workout treat?

If I am indulging, I like chocolate rice cakes.

LFA Trainer Rachel Glew doing various workouts
What is your favorite piece of Life Fitness or Hammer Strength equipment to train people on or that you like to train on?

For group training I like the SYNRGY360 system as it provides the flexibility to program feel-good experiences for all ages and abilities. For my personal workouts, I use an HD Elite rack to practice my lifting technique, and I use the Life Fitness Row GX or cross-trainer for indoor cardio.

Excluding your personal training sessions with customers, how often do you work out per week?

I aim to complete four gym sessions per week.

Do you have a fun fact for us?

To date I have completed six Tough Mudders, the Spartan Super, a River Rat Race, two Colour Runs, a Survival of the Fittest, five half marathons, and multiple 10k and 5k races. And I have plenty more lined up!

Want more from Rachel? We’ll be back later this month with custom workouts, fitness tips, and more. In the meantime, tweet your questions to @LifeFitness with #LFAToTM and we’ll try to get them answered.

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