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Life Fitness Names Winner in 2013 Personal Trainer to Watch Competition


If you’re familiar with children’s television shows, you might know Kim Possible from the Disney Channel. Possible is a teenage crime-fighting, justice-loving wonder woman, and a Jill of all trades. But her most notable quality, is that she can do anything she sets her mind to with poise and dedication. A similar, but real-life personality is Kim Ingleby of Bristol, England. When described by one of her endorsements for the Life Fitness third annual Personal Trainer to Watch competition, the endorser referred to Ingleby as “Kim Possible.”

Each year, Life Fitness receives nominations from around the world to name their next Personal Trainer to Watch award winner. The competition awards the winning personal trainer based on his or her experience and fitness-related achievements inside and outside of the gym. This year, more than 1,500 nominations poured in from 43 countries. Of those nominations, the judges bestowed the honor to Ingleby.

This achievement comes as no easy task, especially for someone battling two health-related complications. Recently, Ingleby overcame a brush with Weil’s disease, a bacterial infection that can affect the liver and kidneys while inflicting several flu-like symptoms. Additionally, Ingleby recently completed pre-cancerous cervical cancer treatments.

Having grown up on a farm in Scotland, Ingleby values the rewards of a simple lifestyle centered around hard work. In her 12 years as a personal trainer, Ingleby received multiple fitness education certificates, has written articles featured in several top fitness magazines in the U.K., contributes to charities through fundraising projects, and built a studio focused on improving the lives of her clients – all 250 of them. In the last nine years since inception, Ingleby’s fundraising efforts have raised over £32,000 through Energised Performance charity events and her own fundraising efforts.

Most importantly, Ingleby is recognized for her commitment to improving the lives of her clients. Testimonials in her application came from clients who said her fitness program contributed to massive life changes powerful enough to transform a negative person to a positive one. In conjunction with fitness, Ingleby’s focus on health and nutrition has taken the obese to a smaller, happier, and more active size. Furthermore, her clients view her as an inspiration. Life Fitness is pleased to honor the self-proclaimed “mind body ninja,” Kim Ingleby, as the 2013 Personal Trainer to Watch.

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