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Promoting Movement In the Workplace


At Life Fitness, we don't just create exercise equipment — we produce an environment where employees, family and friends live for health and wellness lifestyles. One example of this commitment is through Brunswick Corporation’s (Life Fitness’ parent company) Walk This Way program, a competitive “walking contest” that encourages the employees in all five Brunswick divisions to track their steps with a pedometer and “out walk” the other divisions.

But that’s just the beginning …

Recently, Life Fitness President Chris Clawson demonstrated his commitment to health and fitness by signing the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity’s (NCPAA) CEO Pledge. The CEO Pledge recognizes the importance of physical activity and healthy lifestyles in relation to employee health and better business performance. Clawson and other company CEOs who signed the pledge value workplace health and wellness because it leads to happier and more engaged employees.

“The work experience has become dominantly electronic, and as such, we’re tethered to our desk and computers,” said Clawson. “Sitting Disease is a growing epidemic at the workplace and we want to ensure that Life Fitness employees are as active as they can be at the office.”

Life Fitness provides its employees with access to on-site fitness facilities, participation in employee-led exercise classes, and breaks from sitting (through stretching and/or walking) throughout the day. These initiatives not only allow Life Fitness employees the opportunity to experience their products, but to also incorporate wellness as a cornerstone to company culture.

This innovative culture shift promotes activity on all levels. For example, Life Fitness employees are encouraged to wear “business active” attire at work. Comfortable clothing increases movement and makes it easier for a quick walk through the halls or a workout in our exercise facility. Additionally, Life Fitness regularly conducts physical activity related information sessions at each branch, allowing employees the opportunity to suggest new physical activity ideas and trends.

To learn how to get your workplace up and moving, visit NCPPA and start your first steps toward a transformation.



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