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Seven Reasons Why Everyone Should Strength Train


HammerStrengthChestPress_mr.jpgSome of us might think that strength training is just for athletes, right? Well, it’s not! Though athletes use strength equipment in the gym to become stronger and faster, there are other reasons fitness equipment manufacturers like Hammer Strength specialize in strength equipment. You may be surprised at the numerous reasons you should add strength training to your fitness routine  whether you’re an athlete or not. And remember, strength training doesn’t automatically correlate to getting huge. It means building a healthier body.

Look great and feel great. Did you know that strength training burns calories more efficiently than a cardio workout? For those looking to burn off some fat, strength workouts are a great start. Cutting a new body shape not only gives your body more energy, but it elevates your level of endorphins, or “happy chemicals” released in your brain. Plus, your new look may also increase your self-esteem.

Sleep better. The CDC explains that those who do regular strength workouts not only fall asleep quicker, but experience a more restful, deeper slumber.

Target your workout. One of the wonderful things about strength workouts is that you can target any muscle group you like. Glutes, back, biceps, you name it – you can isolate any muscle with a selective workout.

It’s also a cardio workout. You don’t need to kill yourself running 12 mph on the treadmill to work your heart. Doing various strength exercises not only builds muscle, but it pumps your heart.

Slows the aging process. According to research from Duke University, strength training not only maintains muscle mass that naturally diminishes with aging, but it increases our metabolism, which normally declines with age.

You get stronger. While this is somewhat of a “duh” statement, it’s important to recognize the importance of becoming stronger. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, building muscle strength makes you more resistant to injury, and building bone strength makes you more resistant to developing osteoporosis.

Body weight management. By maintaining consistent strength workouts, you maintain your body weight and will dramatically reduce your risk of becoming obese or getting diabetes. Not to mention, your life and health insurance premiums could be reduced.

The next time you go to the gym, be comfortable in the strength area. Explore different equipment like dumbbells or the strength racks found in the HD Elite system. Try some new workouts and develop a strength routine that works for your body. Remember, strength training isn’t just for athletes  it’s for everyone!



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