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SYNRGY BlueSky Brings Small Group Training Outdoors


On the opening day of IHRSA 2014, Life Fitness unveiled SYNRGY BlueSky, a small group training unit built exclusively for the outdoors. It’s a trailblazer for the small group contingent, a boon for the outdoor exercise movement, and a cutting-edge exercise tool with a variety of configurations. 

Why bring SYNRGY outside? First of all, the health benefits of outdoor workouts are numerous. Moderate exposure to sunlight increases our mood and gives our bodies a much-needed dose of Vitamin D. Studies have shown that 44% of exercisers prefer outdoor workout options and 20 minutes outdoors results in a greater feeling of vitality. 

There’s also a history of exercise with fitness apparatuses in the elements – bodybuilders at Muscle Beach Venice in Los Angeles flourished outdoors by lifting heavy weights, increasing their sweat and getting some added sun. But there’s been a decided lull in the realm of outdoor training – until now. We love the benefits of an outdoor workout, and SYNRGY BlueSky is the first-ever small group training unit designed by a fitness manufacturer for the outdoors.

SYNRGY360, our first iteration of small-group training, is a multi-station unit that works as a catalyst for exercisers of every fitness level. SYNRGY BlueSky takes all of this outside – with some unique attributes of its own. With a variety of versatile exercise stations and endless configurations, SYNRGY BlueSky uses a focus on bodyweight training to help exercisers hit strength, endurance and cardio while participating in an encouraging small group atmosphere. Look for the cargo net, press and arc traverse to really mix it up!

The placement of a SYNRGY BlueSky in the outdoor area of a fitness facility attracts potential members, as does the sight of exercisers using it. Furthermore, placing SYNRGY BlueSky outside opens up more spatial opportunities inside – a win-win situation that allows SYNRGY BlueSky to increase options, square footage and advertisements for facilities everywhere. As a boon for exercisers and facilities alike, I’m confident SYNRGY BlueSky will change small group training as we know it!

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