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Tips from a Discover Super User (Part 2)


This edition of our Discover Super User Series focuses on the facility manager. Discover cardio products, along with the LFconnect manager’s site, provide free tools you can use to make your job easier. A few of my favorite include:  

Customized Attract Screen

The ability to customize the attract screen of a product can help promote brand awareness. With this feature it’s not just Life Fitness product anymore – it’s your facility’s product as well, customized with your branding. 

Software Updates

Easy software updates are available through the auto-update feature. With LFconnect and Discover, facility owners will automatically get new features and upgrades from Life Fitness without the manual process of updating each piece of cardio equipment with a USB. Think of the time you could save! 

Product Statistics

Product usage statistics allow facility owners to see data for each individual product. With all that information you can make better decisions as a manager. For example, by understanding which products get more use, you can rotate machines to prolong their life.  

My Community

The My Community feature on LFconnect lets exercisers share workouts, view progress and motivate one another. For the personal trainer, create a workout and share it with your entire Synrgy360 workout group.

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