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Workout of the Month: Bi’s, Tri’s and Thighs


This month’s workout is quick and efficient, incorporating strength training as well as plyometrics, or “jumping exercises.”

You can do this workout outdoors, using TRX Suspension Training straps for the strength exercises and playground steps for the plyometric boxes and jumping points. If you’re in the gym you can use strength products like Signature Series selectorized or Hammer Strength plate loaded for all of the exercises listed below. 

This is also a great workout to do with a friend. Try performing the strength exercises while your workout partner does the plyometric moves, switching back and forth, encouraging each other along the way.

Warm up: Walk or jog for 5 minutes


*Increase the height for the third and fourth sets of jumps if you are able.

Cool down: Bring the heart rate back down to a resting rate by walking for five minutes.

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