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Life Fitness Technology Console in Gym

Digital Experience

"Tech cycles change so fast and trends constantly evolve. It's up to us to continue to research and be the leaders in the fitness industry, which takes continuous innovation and research with talented engineers."

- Noah Alcantara, Engineering Manager

Life Fitness Technology Original Lifecycle
Life Fitness LifeCycle

The foundation of life fitness is based on technology

In 1968, Life Fitness created the Lifecycle exercise bike. It employed groundbreaking technology and was the first piece of electronic exercise equipment ever created. Over the next four decades, we've taken the steps needed to stay ahead of technology.

Life Fitness Technology Girl Smiling Looking at Phone
Technology App Partnership


Life Fitness equipment interacts with popular fitness apps to provide exercisers with the connection they expect.

Life Fitness wearable integration technology.


Through, FitBit and Jawbone wearable tracking devices provide immediate and accurate results after workouts on select Life Fitness cardio equipment.

Life Fitness Elevation Series Treadmill in Gym


Bluetooth compatibility connects exercisers to equipment for workout tracking, hands-free heart rate monitoring, and enhanced entertainment.

Life Fitness Connect

An eye to the future

Fitness apps and wearables are just the beginning of an explosion of fitness technology solutions. The Life Fitness technology team is constantly working to ensure that Life Fitness remains on the cutting edge.


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