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Halo Fitness Cloud
Halo Standard Plan

Know when your equipment is most frequently used. Plan rotations and preventive maintenance to extend the life your equipment.


Halo Fitness Core Plan

Add member profiles, see what their goals are, and help them succeed with the Halo Fitness App. 


Halo Fitness Train Plan

Create two-way communication between your personal trainers and their clients.

Halo Fitness Engage Plan

Engage with your members through emails and real-time challenges. 

Halo Job Tracker

Need a lightbulb changed or more towels in the locker room? Assign tasks to your staff to keep your facility running smoothly.

Halo Retain

Understand your exercisers' activity in a whole new way by seeing what your members do in and out of the gym. 

Have our sales team contact you for a full demo of how Halo Fitness Cloud can support your facility.

Halo Fitness Cloud

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